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Annunci fetish, mistress, sadomaso, schiavi feticisti - Annunci fetish, schiavi in cerca di mistress, sadomaso, umiliazioni, schiave amanti di piedi, cazzo e figa

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City: 2.1333 Essonne, France

  • Steven J Darlington - BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

    The Dark One hungers. In his pit of eternal hatred he squats in the darkness feeding on the screams of the weak. Soon, his blood tide reaches a peak and he will scourge the unbelievers. Cory Bernardi claims he feels the hunger and screams for the blood of innocents, but his devotion to slaughter is not as strong as he would have you believe. His altars are empty. His axe is not stained wtih blood. This is not the Old Ways, Brother Bernardi. You know nothing of our dark rage. You barely even call for the murder of the pregnant women. NNGU'THALI-SZACTA!

  • Nick Mnemonic - My go-to water conditioner from now on.

    This seems to be really good water conditioner, and according to the directions, this should last an incredibly long time. I'm glad to get some water conditioner from a brand I know and use rather than some random cheap little bottle from my local pet supplier that never seems to last as long as it seems it should.

  • C. Lee - Not good.

    The concept of the hair fiber was good but this particular brand is very powdery. It is nothing like hair fiber. You'll look as if you sprinkled some coloring onto your scalp. Plus it gave me an intense headache. Had to return right away. Bought Caboki instead and b/c Caboki is plant based fiber I am not worried about any chemicals entering my body.

  • Rebekah Redus - along with a great mentor, are essential to grad school

    This book, along with a great mentor, are essential to grad school. A must for anyone considering a psychology degree.

  • Chris Gregoire - Very easy to use

    This adapter works well in the Bob single stroller ( which is a must for those that hike or live in areas that do not have sidewalk). The one small issue with this adapter is that you have to remove it before folding stroller up.

  • Magilla Gorilla - HOLD OFF FOR THE NEW MODEL

    Look I know it is a "Must Have" like the annual Iphone upgrade, newest version of windows and the latest model Ferrari, but if what I read in Technology World magazine is true, you want to wait on the Hutzler 572 Turbo. It is a serious upgrade over the 571, and lets be honest here, you do not want your neighbor showing off theirs, while all you have is the old 571? Sort of like that time you bought that 500lb Tube HDTV, and then your neighbor hung his Plasma on the wall a mere 2 months later. Besides rumor has it, the Hutzler 572 Turbo has an interactive app for Android.