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  • Komposer1911 - An EXCELLENT investment with GREAT customer service

    The journey to achieve anything worthwhile at times can seem difficult and overwhelming. Most of us know success comes with commitment and preparation. I am a person who rarely gives reviews, but I am going to strongly support investing in this software. The material is very similar to the Dental Admission Test. Also it is engaging and not arduous! The software provides many practice tests that will improve your knowledge on the actual test. It has videos that will present materials in a critical thinking approach while communicating the test questions in a practical format. A major benefit, I think is the software statistics analysis of your questions and score. This advantage will assist you in identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses on every test topic. Since I have used CRACK the DAT software it has enhance my skills and abilities, but most importantly my confidence on the next attempt at the DAT. Once again, if you want to do well on the DAT this is a tool you should have in your toolbox. The investment will outweigh the cost!

  • Lacey - Camera rarely picks you up

    Fun songs. I've been a fan of Just Dance for awhile now. But I have the same problem with this as I did with Just Dance 2014 on my PS4; the camera rarely ever picks you up. It's very frustrating. I've tried it in different rooms with different light fixtures and different angles. When it does pick you up, half way into the song it drops you. Very annoying.

  • matt burgard - Meh not bad great for a social function but not long term

    It is a nice alternative to shaving. It does work but takes multiple usings. For my arms and armpits took 2-3 treatments for the hair to be gone. Hair started to grow back in 3-4 days.

  • Chris - Better off running without anything

    I've had this product for several years and for the most part was happy. Then the 'Free" upgrade, that's when pages started freezing and in my case, the internet would just lock. As much as I hated all this, I really lost any faith when the password manager lost my passwords and access to even my router. I only gave it 1 star so folks would not think I overlooked it.

  • Kris - love it

    This is a great 6-port USB charger from Zookki.Working in the IT industry, we have all kinds of devices charging and plugged into our computer at any given time. Which means we often run out of ports on the PC itself. This little device solves that problem in a hurry. Plug it into one port and you're goo to go and you STILL have the remaining ports on your PC open. I've found that the 6-port charging station allows my phone and tablet to charge just as quickly as it would otherwise even when they are plugged in simultaneously.A great product that can be used for not just me, but for everyone in the house! Each person in my house has their own phone and phone charger, and it gets so messy in the living room outlet when all the wires are laying all over.. With 6 ports, we can charge 6 devices at the same time. No more fights between my children and all the charging can come from one electrical outlet. Definitely saves a lot of space and charges really quickly too! I would say this 6 port USB charger charges faster than my adapter! I take it with me while travelling to be well prepared no matter what the hotel looks like. It has an extremely sleek design, and I love the ability to detach it from the base for more mounting options. The Usb ports charge my phone extremely fast and efficiently, which is perfect for when you're busy, like me, and need your ph. This is great, can take to a variety range of A/C wall adapter and provide the same USB outputs. There are 6 USB outputs total. Output total is at 12A max, so you can charge tablets on those outputs. Built-in technology for fast charge and also preventing overheating and over charged. I use this to charge all of my devices, from my phone to speakers to my tablet. The blue light is a perfect indicator of when your phone is being charged. This does not heat up. This device recognized the device you are charging so it only put out the power it actually needs to it does not over charge or over heat your phones or tablets. My phone seems to be charging pretty quickly on it as well. I also love that it is standing up. If your family is like mine it seems like everything needs charged at the same time. This way we can charge it all at once or just do one item at a time. I will be ordering several more so i can keep one at our camper and at work. Full disclosure : I did get this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Definitely a great buy!!I work very hard to give thoughtful, honest, and instructive reviews for every item that I order. Some full price, some discounted, and some free. I put a lot of time and honest effort to be objective and straight forward. If you found this to be at all helpful, please give me a "yes" to know that I'm on the right path. If you found error, or see something to be improved, please leave feedback in a comment so that I can work to better my reviews! Your help and honesty is also appreciated! :) While discounts are great, I am truly passionate about reviewing and fully aspire to be helpful to potential buyers. Thank you for your time, and I hope the rest of your day finds you happy and well!

  • Zane Lipsitz - Very good bluray worth the money

    A very good and well compiled bluray with tons of unexpected extras. Extras include a prime 9 list of Tony La Russa moments, complete NLCS Game 5, the World Series parade and more. All in one disc is 4+ hours of footage. If you can, purchase the bluray version of this awesome product.