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  • Denise Palazzo - Smells horrible!

    I orderd this product with high hopes that it would work. It ended up I couldn't use it because of the fish smell. I called perricone md and can cancelled my order but I missed the 30 days. So I kept it even though I hated the product. For the next two months I was billed for product I did not receive and I'm still working it out with my credit card. I advise anyone ordering this to be very careful you will be ripped off!

  • Amazon Customer - value investing

    This is cheap for the value you get. good understanding on increasing book value and intrinsic value. debt and leverage should not be used in investing.

  • Treza - Great glasses

    I bought these for my son who is 21 and he looks handsome in them. Great buy for the price and good quality.

  • Rick Slifka - Lovely Surprise, Great Read!

    This was one of the loveliest surprises I have read. Couldn't put it down. Wonderful detail about how this empire started, and how their faith held them together. A lovely depiction of how two people can work together yet be so different. I thank God they wrote this text it has rejuvenated my hope in marriage, projects, and thriving In life. Well done !!

  • deedee - Works as expected

    It isn't as lightweight as I thought it would be. I had concerns when I heard the initial knocking sound it makes,but if you read the user's guide you'll see that's normal. We thought it would be too skimpy on the vacuuming function, but it did fine. This will not replace our conventional vacuum cleaner. It should serve us well on smaller jobs like in-between mopping and swiffering and after we come in from outside. We like it. The plastic it's made of could have been a little sturdier, but if we don't man-handle it, it should hold up for a while.

  • melissa stryk - Solid and well made!

    I just added this Sport2People quick dry towel to my yoga workout gear. I like having less clutter and more value in my personal possessions and this towel fits the niche perfectly. I sweat a lot doing my yoga and cleaning the mats can be a pain, I have a full length liner but even use a regular towel across the top of the mat to absorb the majority of my sweat. This towel replaces that with a high tech microfiber that is soft and absorbent and best of all super fast drying so nothing gets through to my mat or mat liner. It is compact, especially in the carry bag provided and fits easily in to my gear tote. The look is functional and sporty, I find it difficult to find good yoga gear that is not over feminine or just plain pink. Of course a towel like this will be great when I hit the beach, will be a great addition to my camping gear and I find it even passes for a decent airplane pillow. The stitching is solid and well done and so far this towel is taking one for the team soaking up my yoga sweat and I have had to wash it every day and it shows no wear or loss of absorbing power and is still super soft. Speaking of which, you cannot get this towel soaked, it drinks up an amazing amount of moisture without dripping. I take a dip in the pool after my session and forgot that all I had was this towel from my gear and it worked like a champ head to toe dry including my big hair lol. I appreciate artisan quality and love that I am supporting a local family business. Lastly, how could I not mention the sage advice given by all experienced galactic travelers, always carry a copy of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe and ALWAYS CARRY A TOWEL! And don't panic. Cheers! I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Wayne - Good Product

    Since we use a debit card a lot, we tend to run out of check registers way befor we need additional checks. These are nearly identical to the ones included with checks. Worked really great.