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Amberen Vs Premarin Generic Alternative - Amberen Coupon Codes - - Amberen Vs Premarin Generic Alternative - Amberen delivers effective, clinically proven relief from hot flashes by helping the body naturally balance its hormone levels.

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  • Amazon Customer - Overrated.

    Compared to other hair oils, this one always gets recommended to me and I don't know why. Even when you get it out of the bottle, the oil just seems a bit...runny. While I use the oil to give my hair a bit of a greasy look, it's really there so that I don't have dry hair. The old unlabeled oil that I bought at a market ran out, so I grabbed this thinking it would compare and it really doesn't. It makes my hair seem heavy and it just doesn't distribute well.

  • steve vette - all is good!

    My truck was spraying coolant out of the back of the Engine block. Would overheat in minutes. I decided to give this stuff a try. It worked as advertised. I have been driving it now for 1 month. No leaks, all is good!

  • Mariam Ben-Neticha - Kaplan can improve

    Good for information....bad for figuring out how to go about studying for the MCAT. No help structuring and no methods to help absorb all the information.

  • D0w3r - Pretty nice solar panel

    This item works pretty well, I got a cigarette lighter USB adapter for it and now I can charge the batteries and 2 USB items all at the same time and have them fully charged in a day, tested a couple times with my Ipod, Kindle keyboard and cell phone. The next test will be if it can charge my tablet with 2 other items and get the same results. I purchased a 13 LED USB light from Gamesalor (great seller) for about $2.00 and after testing bought another ((from NiceEshop) if you buy one of these lights I strongly recommend Gamesalor the other sellers item has a weaker neck to it and was missing a screw making it unreliable) to use the 2 lights for camping I was disappointed to see a couple scuff/scratches on it and after calling customer service the guy told me to use a pencil eraser to clean them up, DO NOT DO THIS!! Now I have scratches and 2 smudge spots that are permanent on the panel, I don't know if this is affecting the unit or not as this is my first solar panel. Overall seems like a nice product though and I look forward to testing it out in the field.