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All Season Inspection Inc. - All Season Inspection has been proudly one of Canada’s leaders in the field of property inspection.

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  • Hot Deal - These days I have had terrible back pain

    These days I have had terrible back pain. I want something makes me easy. so I bought one of these kinds of item, but unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with that product because the power holding each side to the other side of the item is too weak to keep it on my belly.

  • WESIII - Works!

    This stuff absolutely keeps spiders away. My problem is the warning label. Not safe for pets. Don't eat. Don't go to the bathroom. Don't chew tobacco. Really weird warnings like that. I forget the exact wording. What exactly is this stuff? Here is how most will use it. Spray it and no matter what it will by wind fall on you somehow. If you smell it you are taking it in.

  • Tammy M. - Rome is not a walk in the park!

    Rick Steve not only gave great tips on taxis, restaurants and what to look out for but a wonderful history lesson. There is almost to much to see. Beautiful city however, I don't think Italians like Americans.

  • Michaela Quinn - Excellent music- scratched vinyl

    I was very excited to purchase this vinyl for a Christmas gift - it's a tremendous album for anyone who hasn't heard it yet. The packaging was in great condition, but the vinyl is scratched and one of the songs skips when it is being played.

  • a reader - Don't believe the hype

    This book does its readers a tremendous disservice. I expect that statistics courses at Stanford Business School (where the author used to teach), like everywhere else, teach that correlation is not causality. This book, however, is a collection of correlations presented as having causal relationships. But wait - it gets worse. The gross selection bias throughout the book guarantees that the companies identified as "great" appear to be, while the so-called comparision companies give the illusion of a control group. Don't be fooled. This is pseudo-science couched in management-speak. Once you've seen through this silliness, you're left with little more than conventional wisdom about good management (do what you're passionate about, get the right people on board) that, while possibly true, is unsubstantiated by any of the "data" presented in the text.

  • Kay D Homan - Money well spent

    I have had this for about 10 months, It works. I am almost 66 years old. Decreases the size of pores, which was my biggest concern. It also decreases the fine lines and helps with the loose skin on my neck, which I love. I hate chicken neck. I love this and would recommend it, as long as you use it, it works! I use it for about 30 minutes at least three times a week, and enjoy using prior to bed as the heat is very soothing!

  • Desert Doll - Not for me

    I tried my best to stick with this product. Even after blending it with fruit,yogurt, and soy milk it did not satisfy my hunger at all. I even tried drinking a full glass of water afterwards, just to be starving 30 minutes later. I rated it 2 stars because it tastes good and comes with flavor packets.