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All Pets Hospital, 200 Read St Lockport, IL 60441 - Welcome! All Pets Hospital, now located across the street from the Regency Point Shopping Center, is a full-service hospital serving the veterinary needs of the Lockport and greater Chicagoland areas.

  • All Pets Hospital, Services - Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available.The veterinarians and staff at our clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your dog, cat or ferret will receive high quality care at our hospital.
  • All Pets Hospital, Our Staff - Paul Navin, DVM, founded All Pets Hospital in 1993 and has over 30 years of clinical veterinary experience. Dr. Navin in addition to general veterinary practice and surgery also is a distinguished English Bulldog specialist. Working with Dr. Navin are Dr. Harres and Dr. Spiewak who are staff veterinarians of the All Pets Hospital.

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  • Catharine T. Kolb - it definitely worked. Snakes by my door sitting in ...

    it definitely worked. Snakes by my door sitting in the sun, a snake in the kitchen, a snake in the living room. I was ready to scream and move out . This cured the problem so I had nary a complaint even from tenants. Thank god !

  • Rosanne Bonaventura - Bad Product

    I applied the deck restore to my parents deck in July of 2013. By the time I was back in Pennsylvania for Christmas the product was starting to come off. I followed the directions to a T! I watched the video many times and even talked to a rep from Rustoleum because I had some questions about the weather. My parents did not use the deck for 30 days after the product was applied. By March, after all the snow and rain the product was peeling off in large strips. Rustoleum has offered to replace the product but I will not waste my time again. Now I have to redo the deck, but I won't be using Rustoleum.


    Bovke Hard Carrying Case. This is a cool little case for storing small items , the inside is very soft and the outside case is shock proof and water proof, it has a two way zipper and a nice strap for carrying. I actually got this case for overnight trips and to hold important items . We go on a lot of trips to the beach and this case is perfect for my sunglasses, keys , wallet , hotel key, anything that will fit will be safe and secure. My daughter is the new owner of this case, it perfect for her Nintendo 3ds and the games , so I guess I will be looking for another one soon. I received my Bovke Hard Carrying Case for free or at a discount to write a fair and honest review.

  • G. Pederson - Misleading advertising

    Here's a test. Go to and compare the active ingredients of Pronamel to Crest Sensitivity. Then, compare the claims of both. Why does Pronamel claim to re-mineralize teeth, fight acidity, and be 'specially' formulated for people who drink sodas, wines, etc. and Crest does not? Answer: because EVERY TOOTH-PASTE REMINERALIZES TEETH and Pronamel does it no better. Just compare the active ingredients. Same amount of fluoride, tons of advertising.

  • Buhree - DO NOT BUY

    I had this unit installed at the time of purchase of my 2011 Prius, in November of 2011. By March 2012 the GPS system no longer worked. You will go through all of the steps to type in where you want to go and as the map loads, it immediately pops up and tells you there has been an error. That error message will stay on the screen, sometimes for 20 minutes, preventing you from doing anything on the system. When I contacted Myron & Davis, they told me to contact the seller (Toyota) when I talked to the dealership they told me to talk to M&D, after pretty much begging the Manager of the Service Department at my dealership to do something to help, he was willing to look at it. He told me that he contacted the M&D because the unit has a 1 year manufacturer warranty, and they told him that it's still Toyota's Responsibility! Unfortunately I'm still stuck with the piece of crap in my dash. Luckily the ipod and radio still work, but the GPS, the reason I got the unit, hasn't worked hardly at all.

  • S. Levine - It's just OK, no better than most

    This serum makes your skin feel very soft, but I haven't really seen any reduction in lines and wrinkles. I get the same result from much less expensive creams.