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  • Shelby - It is an amazing stroller for the money

    It is an amazing stroller for the money. The only I wish were better is the folding and unfolding. A lot of high end strollers made in 2014 have a one hand fold and this one does not. However, it doesn't seem to be "sticky" or tricky, it just requires both hands.

  • Amazon Customer - HORRIBLE!!

    If I could have given it a negative 5 star rating I would have. To be fair to it I suffered(and I mean SUFFERED) through 12 minutes of this steaming pile of bullcrap, but I just couldn't take it anymore. It was all too painful. The atrocious acting, the ridiculous plot. Just, well, UGH. The worst movie, and I use that term loosely, that I've watched in a very long time, and I've watched some REALLY bad ones!

  • Jenna Okeefe - Really helped

    Daughter was losing weight from breast feeding and we learned she has a sensitivity to lactose. Made her completely miserable. The doctor gave us a sample of the alimentum and with in a day or two we saw such a difference. She was having really bad gas before and was so uncomfortable. It does stink (as others have stated) but when it makes your little one happy I'll take the nasty cheese smell. It worked wonders for our little one.

  • Donna - I like the game fine

    I like the game fine. Used to love it but you have made it extremely frustrating the further I go just like all the other games. Like Candy Crush, and many others, people just give up because its almost impossible to progress without spending money. Some of the levels take many tries to figure out how to even complete them. I HATE the timed ones. I feel these games are suppose to be relaxing and enjoyable or they are not worth playing.

  • Kory A. - Stay in your ears pretty well, unless you're doing heavy cardio

    Stay in your ears pretty well, unless you're doing heavy cardio. Perfect for weight lifting days. The sound is okay. A little better than what you'd expect from a 30 dollar pair of headphones, IMO. For $30 dollars, I'd 10/10 order these again. They also only took about a week to get, not like a month or two.