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  • felicia - I love visalus. It is a delicious shake

    I love visalus. It is a delicious shake. I have tried many shakes including shakeology but none of them compare to visalus and the price is right!! Shipping was quick and just in time because i ran out the day it came in! :-) I have lost 5 pounds so far it has been almost a month but I have cheated a few times in between. I still like it because I feel less sluggish throughout the day and sleep pretty awesome at night now.

  • chris - Well made, easy install , good reception

    Easy to install. I have a 2015 explorer sport. Stock antennae would bang on garage door when entering and leaving. You simply unscrew stock antennae and screw the stubby right in. Week made out of aluminum and powder coated black. No difference in radio reception either.