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  • Jasmin - It is a good size house for her

    We have had our Suncast dog house put together for a full week now. Initially our dog was afraid to go in her house. Finally this weekend she had decided she wants all the treats we put in the back. Not sure why she was so afraid of it. It is a good size house for her. We bought the large house. Our dog is about 45 pounds. The house is tall enough that she doesn't scratch her back getting in. We put bedding in there so it's comfortable for her. It's an adorable looking house.

  • Andrea - Great Product, Poor Shipping

    I'm giving this product 3 stars due to the mess it was when we received it. The bottle had leaked a lot during shipping, and was a mess all over the outside of the bottle. I love this product, so I was very disappointed when we opened the box and saw what had happened.

  • Mole555 - Timely...and Scary

    Jon Ronson is one my favorite writers. I enjoy how deeply he will go for a story, and how much access he gets to very powerful and influential people. After reading this account of how much influence Alex Jones and Roger Stone have to the GOP nominee, I'm even more scared of what a Trump presidency would do to this country.

  • charles walker - the stubby antenna

    this stubby antenna for my 2011 jeep grand Cherokee works better than the original antenna and looks much better than the original antenna