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  • Scott - Nice rack, awful instructions

    I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with factory-installed brightside roof rails, and this rack does fit it (I just installed mine). This appears to be the same roof rack as the mopar rack. One detail that I wanted to know: their construction. The foot/base on each side is plastic, but the locking mechanism (the inside stuff that hooks to the rails on your roof) and the cross bar (that your kayak, etc. will hook to/rest on) are metal. Overall, the rack seems well constructed. It takes some effort to put it up, though, given the less than perfect instructions. Here's what I learned:

  • KOShipley - Nice pan, still sticks a little but better than my other nonstick pans

    I love cooking, and over the last few years, have been actively trying to make healthier meals for my family - with fewer added sugars and fats while still preserving the tasty recipes we love. While I love the idea of a pan that is nonstick without the use of added oils or the use of potentially toxic chemicals, I also remain skeptical when something sounds "too good to be true". I have previously purchased and currently own and use the OrGreenic skillet which likewise advertised complete nonstick without oil but unfortunately after 1 or 2 uses, became necessary to use cooking spray to make anything risky of sticking.

  • Chris - 1 Star

    Its suppose to be a sealed box but it has air leaks everywhere, sounds terrible. The box terminals are hard to get the connection and poorly screwed to the box. Fits well under the seats but the sound is bad.

  • Mandy H. - Too good

    This album is full of surprises. There is no valid expectation of what the next soundtrack might sound like - it's a musical rollercoaster. Gaga is a true musician; and to those who love music, do not box Gaga in a genre- just appreciate her artistry.

  • Luvs 2 Buy Online - Love the Taste and the Results

    I'm surprised when reading reviews that down the taste. I love it! Tangy orange flavor and mine mixes up really well. The BEST PART is that I was feeling pretty bad, like some kind of bug was attacking, until I drank some of this great product mixed in my water bottle. Now I'm starting to feel so much better. I just came on Amazon to order some more. My stash is running low.

  • Beth Carlson White - A shampoo for everyone

    I love this shampoo because my daughter loves it, my husband doesn't think it's just for women, it works well on our dogs AND on our horse. Other more expensive brands of shampoo get tried and abandoned by our 14-year-old who is very picky about her hair products.