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    Country:, Europe, IT

    City: 9.2 Milan, Italy

  • Paula Martin - A Good Compilation

    This is my second Warped Tour CD, and I enjoyed a lot of the songs. I know from past experience with the groups on this tour that there will be what I call "screamo" songs on the CD that I'm not really into, but they've done a nice job of bunching them together on the CD, so I can skip over them quickly. This year's CD seems to be grouped nicely into different genres -- punk, rock, and there's also a couple of good electronic songs and even, surprise, a couple of "pop"-style songs. I'm no music expert, but I'd say that they've done a great job with this double CD. It's a good way to get introduced to some new and upcoming bands and check out some very good music that you won't hear on the radio. I already have a number of favorites that will definitely make their way onto my iPod. I recommend you try it - you'll surely find something you like out of @ 50 songs.

  • J. Willis - Silly, overpriced and no reason to exist other than marketing.

    Do you like spending too much money on sleeping pills aka Diphenhydramine HCI? Then this product is for you!

  • FarmGirl - I needed a good brush to help apply my makeup

    With the contour so in style, I needed a good brush to help apply my makeup. The rose gold is so pretty and easy to clean. I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for a fair, honest and unbiased review. I only buy products that my family and I will use. I only give a 5 star rating when the product is excellent. I base my review on durability, material, function and if it meets the description given by the seller. If I feel that I can't give at least a 4 or 5 star rating then I contact the seller and try to resolve the problem or explain my difficulty in giving them a really good review. Sometimes I feel like you can only say so many things about the product and my review may seem short. I am a straight to the point type of person. You can be rest assured that my reviews are not only for the sellers benefit but for the consumers looking to purchase said product as well.

  • C. Jude - ... have all of the albums that contributed to this best of effort

    Although I have all of the albums that contributed to this best of effort, this is truly a best of--and not meerly a greatest hits album. Nothing new, but every song is raised to a new level thanks to the quality of all the great songs around it. Plus i can now make room for the new album on my iPod. well worth it even if you do own the originals.

  • Elizabeth - I'm stocking up on this stuff. This $&!? Works !!

    This stuff is sooooo great. It's so good I'm in the tattoo chair right now. I could not wait to write this review, it's works so great. I am getting a pretty big leg piece, and this would be my 3rd time. Is works !!! I wish I would have doing this earlier!! The only thing that I'm worried about is that this stuff works so good , I might just get my whole body tattooed !!!!! I guess I should stock up on more gell. :)

  • James Bull - great for followers of Berkshire through history

    great for followers of Berkshire through history. Buffett explains his general principles of investing over the years, allowing the reader to see how he has evolved

  • Madeline Aguilera - Love it!

    The Spigen brand never ceases to amaze me and I always keep coming back for more! I love my new case and it's fit. I'm actually using it on my 6S Plus currently and love the fit. I always get Spigen usually so was happy to see this one come available. I like the hybrid aspect as well as the bumper being perfect! I am getting the iPhone 7 soon which this will transfer to nicely. Love the case and love the brand!