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  • ann aquino - fun.

    A great book for when you want something to read but not devote all your attention to. It would have been perfect when I was receiving chemo, for instance. Also good while waiting in the doctors office or airport.

  • ERocko - A high quality case, but a bit too slippery for me.

    The quality of this case is there, but it's a bit too slippery in hand, and on my night stand. The fit is almost too good, as it's difficult to install and remove. The instructions don't show it, but it seems to be best to install the TPU, then the shell over that.

  • Tanya M. Hardee - Spray the bowl B4 you go

    Love this product save for 2 points. SEPTIC SYSTEMS - If you have septic, do not use this! The oils add to negative issues in how septic works. LOW-FLUSH BOWLS - If you have a low-flush toilet, the bowl water level may remain too low for this product to be effective. The water has to cover the poo in order for the scented oil to create the odor barrier on tope of the water. That said - With a regular toilet , TWO to THREE pumps (not the 4-6 they recommend) is sufficient to eliminate most of the odor from a grown man using the can, and leaves a faintly lemon smell in the room.