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  • Mr. Greenich - Worked under circumstances below

    EMIT drug screen was completed for pre employment purposes. This test was not sent to a lab, so no information regarding successful validation testing (pH, creatinine, and specific gravity) can be provided.

  • Guy who buys stuff - I love these shoes

    I use them as my casual workout shoe and another pair as just regular sneakers to wear whenever. They're light, comfortable, airy, adequately cushioned without being cumbersome. Just excellent. And they're fashionable and look great too. I don't use these for long distance runs but I suspect they would be fine. I tried the Nike Free 5.0 and I have to say these fit much better and are more comfortable. I'm a 9.5 men's and it fits perfectly. I do have a somewhat higher arch than most and I find the arch support perfect, but this shoe is probably not good for you if you have flat feet.

  • Jackson - DOES NOT WORK!!

    I have been taking this product for 6 mos. and saw no results just more hair loss. Don't bother. All the results an their website have to be scams.

  • Amazon Customer - What went wrong with America.

    Its the true story, author and POTUS come from somewhat similar beginnings but one chooses the path of freedom and liberty, yet the the chooses the left and big government while embracing Marxist-Leninist concepts. It is not a strange thing to expect that our government conducts itself in a constitutional matter, after all, it has worked...for the most part just fine. Some in Washington D.C. have supporters among the population who would like to destroy America, why that is, I do not know but I CAN tell you that having lived behind the iron curtain that communism and the left is not the answer to any of our problems, real or perceived.

  • WV girl - Really helps my skin!

    Very good for keeping skin looking young! I take this in conjunction with Doctor's Best Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen II.

  • Mike Armes - 404 Error: Humans Not Viable [initialize elimination]

    I hate this thing. When it was delivered to my house, I plugged it in to my computer and began downloading its firmware. Soon it began asking me to setup my profile info. That's when it got too personal. The Wenger 16999 started using my information to begin online conversations with radical extremist. After which it became self-aware. I have not seen my Wenger 16999 in over 2 days now, and I'm pretty sure it stole my car.