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    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Lisa - Went from "eh, it's okay" to "<3 <3 <3" within 10 minutes.

    They are not kidding when they have COCONUT as the biggest font on this container! It smells like...coconut. Like the coconut scent that reminds you of the beach and it really soothing at the same time.

  • nigel - crystal plex

    i was not happy with this product i got it for fish pond and when it came it had a sticker on it not safe for fish thus it did not state that in advertisement and it turned my pond blue , removed fish before adding plex, after adding i had to drain pond and cleaned all filters ,power washed pond added new water but fish died all 25. threw item away will not order from them again

  • Megan T. - Forward Jamaica!!!

    If you already own FIFA 14 on PS3, there are still good reasons to buy this game. First of all, Jamaica had a monumental breakdown in the last stage of Qualifying and now I can rewrite the story. This game features 202 International teams (if Im not mistaken) which is the largest roster of countries assembled. The game lets you play the world cup in whatever length you wish. You can play the final game, the knockout tournament, the group stages/tourney, or the full campaign of 4 years of Qualifying eventually leading up to the finale. There is also a re-vamp to the single player story, which allows you to go from a relative nobody, (competing with teammates for a spot before the next cut), to captaining your country on the grand stage. I recommend this game because the last time I got to play with Jamaica in a game was World Cup 98 and it feels good to hoist the gold for your country, especially if you hail from one that usually gets overlooked. I think many people around the world will buy this game for that reason and I think it will pay off in longevity. 2-3 years from now, no one will be playing FIFA 14, they will be playing FIFA 16-17, but I think this game will persist alongside.

  • Larry E. Allen Jr - Need English?

    Still the best book for understanding grammer and it's correct use. If you're looking to hone your English skills this is the ONLY way to go.

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't do anything

    I have used this product as a "Loyal Customer" through a friend that is a distributor for this product. Disclaimer, I normally eat pretty healthy. I slip up occasionally on the weekends but usually workout at least 5 days a week. I took this along with the ItWorks Greens and followed the instructions drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day. I didn't want to be rude cancelling my 3 months on a friend, but it has done absolutely nothing for me and has been a waste of money. I cancelled the autoship after my 3 month term. I have seen other reviews about painful side effects and I will say none of this happened to me through my ItWorks journey.

  • G. Mattione - Ridicule this book at your own peril.

    Thanks to the EPA, there are far more navigable waters in the US than you can imagine. Having read this might be your only chance of survival when a supertanker is heading upstream in what you thought was a drainage ditch.

  • Viollete - Great for the price

    I love this camcorder, for the price it is easily the best camcorder I have had. It is simple to use, not many functions built in but thats what I use my editing software for, I don't really need anything on the camcorder itself, I just want to point and record. I have to say that I am also quite impressed with the Still pictures it takes too, they don't rival a dedicated camera or SLR but they are the best quality again that I have had.Well worth the money!