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  • Daisy - Wonderful memories

    To remember that glorious 2011 season for the Cardinals as they won 11 in 11, was awesome for me. For any fan of baseball especially a Cardinal fan this is a must get item. Watching the film helps me remember all the joy that was apparent in Cardinal Nation that year. I have watched it at least 6 times. Waiting for those three chances Texas had to win game 6, and then watching the Cardinal bench explode with joy, makes me have a better day.

  • Andrew Carra - I can't believe that it got WORSE!

    Intuit has a long history of making absolute junk, but they've managed to somehow make things even worse than their latest releases.

  • G.A. - Five Stars

    The poetry gets better each time I delve back in for another sampling. Nothing beats "Gretel in Darkness." Nothing.

  • Steve Main - It's the real deal and about $100 less than on Finale's site.

    According to the professor I trust, this is the best music composition software. My son has been using it at school, so now we need a copy for home. Pricey, of course, but what isn't?

  • Henry Borges - Great!

    Bought these as a gift for my boyfriend, he works in a warehouse and runs all day. He says theyre very comfortable and have good support, breathe well and lace up easy. The cut is low and fits well around his ankles.