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  • Amazon Customer - Totally worth it for the look!

    This grill came a little rough but I had it professionally painted and it looks AWESOME!! Fit perfectly!!!!

  • Danielle Jones - ... took these for two days and I started getting HORRIBLE stomach pain and gas

    I took these for two days and I started getting HORRIBLE stomach pain and gas! My stomach got very hard and I was very uncomfortable and miserable! I stopped taking them and on day 2 of getting off them, the stomach pain is slowly subsiding but still present. I took some apple cider vinegar to help and it IS helping but still having really bad stabbing pain once in a while. I will NEVER use these again. Like others are saying, eating RIGHT and getting physical activity is the way to go when wanting to burn fat. Have your cheat meal but get back to eating right the next meal and work out extra, this is the safest and healthiest way to go!

  • Shannie - Ugh too difficult to purchase

    The software was intended for use as business application for small business. Unable to procure via purchasing then extend to employee.

  • Marcela - Very good

    People friendly and easy to use - it change a little from the prier version - easy to transfer information to Excel

  • master ueshiba - oh smolly golly it works

    At first, I was a little skeptical of this product, due to the fact that there were many contradicting viewer photos, but now I know why. All of them are of different parts of the product. It is only offered in a 10-15 pack because there are multiple items required for use. When using all of them, they are fantastic. They are super tough! I accidentally dropped my 8 month old son onto one, then dropped another(30 or so pound tester) on him, and they both still function well. The latter of the two does leak a smelly green-ish yellow fluid, but only after vigorous use. Overall, I am very pleased with my Parent-child tester procuct. I would highly advise buying 5-6 of the 10-15 packs for gifts or if you drop an extremely obese child on one.

  • Cane313 - CCTV for my doggie

    My dog is funny. She knows my voice is through the Furbo. So, she knows it's fake and ignores me when I'm speaking to her through it. But when I'm home she listens to everything. The treats stopped popping out for a while. I will test ways to fix this. But there is food in there, and it's not over the fill level. The camera is nice. I love the night vision and bark alerts are usually on point. Only one occurance when it wasn't. So far so good. Will update this later as i use it more. Oh, and the app is nice as well... Wished they offered more services.

  • E. A. Roper - Not a good experience

    I am really disappointed in this product. Earlier versions were more step intensive in order to get ready to back up the computer, however the oldere versions worked. This version appears deceptively simple to use. Not the case. Plug in your external hard drive and Acronis recognizes it as drive F:\ on my laptop, whereas, when clicking on the "Computer" icon the external drive is identified as drive E:\ not drive F:\. Since there is no drive F:\ ,Acronis does not work properly. Sometimes it is possible to use the Acronis options to force it on to drive E:\ it is not always possible.