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  • LAWJR3 - It works, but read the instructions carefully!

    I dedicated a solid 5 hours to using this product. Draining the radiator isn't easy sometimes and running a flush can take some time too, especially if your car is overheating. A mechanic told me to replace the thermostat while I was at it. In the end, my car doesn't blow white smoke anymore and it doesn't overheat. It's been a week. I will post an update if it stops working soon.

  • Chris Oswalt - Too many bugs to recommend

    This product has a unique approach to flow charting and when it works it is fast and fluid and beats Visio hands down. The mind mapping works great and is one of the best charts and really shows off what Smart Draw can do. However this is the exception not the norm. I bought it for use in creating diagrams for computer system and software engineering, creating a time line and flowchart for a book I'm working on, and for event flow charts in role-playing adventures.

  • Waeqh's Wife - I downloaded the program and got my money back!

    I can't believe that this terrible product gets great reviews! Yes, it downloads my financial information quickly and easily. That's about the only good thing that can be said for it. It's budget offerings are atrocious... if you can find where they are and know how to use them. The few good graphs that it did have were lost in the "upgrade" from 2010 to 2011. Money's analytical tools were so much more useful to the average consumer I would never have converted to this tool had I not been "forced." I'm going to be exploring my options with other software as my frustration levels with this product only increase the more I use it.

  • James K. Beard - Workable Backup Solutions, Executive Control of your Boot Drive

    Acronis backup solutions are user-configured. The configuration that works best for me keeps the total size of backup storage at about the size of the data on the boot drive. This allows me to use an inexpensive two-HD slow RAID on my desktop for backup. I had a boot disk failure last year and recovered 100% of the data on a bootable HD using Acronis, valid as of my last rotating backup.

  • AC Monique - Great brand: this is the right Collagen type that is highly beneficial & great price!

    Love this product. Ordered the powder form of this brand & product originally cause the other "just as great" brand that I bought before was out of stock & have kind of stuck with this one because the price is a bit better & came in pill form as well. Now I religiously do a powder mixture every morning or at least take 4 of the pills when I am in a rush & take 4 more later in the day. Also, just started lately to adding the powder form to my smoothies & smoothy bowls.