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Mindskate Clinic: Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy for Optimal Health - Individual health recovery programmes based on the functional medicine approach to nutritional therapy, backed by laboratory tests from Cyrex, Genova Diagnostics, ALCAT, SpectraCell, Doctors Data and Metametrix. BANT member and CNHC registered.

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  • And u - buy it

    This is a great game but I have had some issues with my wii censer picking up my movements while I'm holding the wii remote. And jumping jacks aren't ideal for someone who lives on the second floor of an apartment building.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect

    I've tried so many different herbal and detox teas, but Nature Ace is really on a different level than stuff like Pukka or Twinings. The flavor is just right and I always feel really refreshed in the morning, or when I enjoy it half way through the afternoon. I've already done 2 weeks and I'll definitely be carrying on!

  • Matthew Kwan - Lovely addition to any of the Timbuk2 Messenger bags

    I use it with both of my Timbuk2 bags, one Small and one Medium sized one. when used in my medium bag I still have space to bring extra clothes, toiletries, my laptop and accessories while the insert holds a whole micro43s system with a bunch of lenses and a flash . When used with the small bag it usually holds my OMD EM1, 3 lenses, a power bank, a portable printer and a swivel flash, my nexus 7 and my wallet really neatly, freeing up the pockets in the rest of the bag for other stuff.

  • Brett Lambert - Buy it

    Badass case, I work maintenance on giant ejection molding machines and my phone holds up to getting bumped and banged inside the equipment while i move around. The buttons on the side feel just right everything about the case is solid and well worth the price.

  • Ashley - Great for what it is....

    I needed an umbrella stroller for a recent out of state trip. My everyday stroller is a Britax B-ReAdy which I absolutely love. Although this stroller is perfect for big trips like Disneyland or mall shopping it is rather large and cumbersome. I did probably a weeks worth of research to find the "perfect" umbrella stroller.

  • T. Lee - OK this stuff is ridiculously good. You squirt a little on your hand(s) the ...

    OK this stuff is ridiculously good. You squirt a little on your hand(s) the rub it in until it dries. The carrier liquid evaporates leaving behind very fine, grippy powder. My racquet is now much less likely to spin in my hand with a off center hit. I also rub on on my tennis racquet grip and it helps there too. It only lasts for about 20 minutes of playing so you'll have to re-apply often. If it's really hot or if you sweat a lot, consider wearing a wristband too. I've always wondered if there would be a problem with the liquid evaporating if the humidity approached 100%.

  • elisabeth - very recommendable

    I gave it a 4 star rating because I object to the term "love it". However, I find the book very recommendable.