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    City: 30.2642 St.-Petersburg, Russia

  • Vikky - Smells bad initially, but dissipates quite fast

    I have never used oil before and my motivation to purchase it might sound odd. I was researching solutions for under boob sweat and on a blog I read that this oil worked for her. Oddly enough, it does work. Once I received it, I could not wait to try it out. I squeezed a bit on my hand and OH MY GOD the smell was horrific (think goat cheese gone bad). Since I was not going anywhere, I did apply it on my face and under my breasts. I was thankful to discover that the smell dissipates quite fast. I am not sure if it is really that effective as an anti-aging serum, time will tell, but it works wonders for sweat. So if you decide to buy, don't get discouraged by the smell, it goes away as soon as your skin absorbs the oil.

  • Katy J. Mays - Works Great

    Nice compact design, much better than the oem fishing pole. Like some others have said, normal radio stations if based far from your location have issues but if your listening to XM signal is flawless. Glad i purchased!

  • harrinpt - NOT Recommended.

    Probably should give it 1 star. I really weanted this stuff to work. I sprayed it on as directed...and waited about three months to see if it worked. I have not noticed any difference in the amount of moss / mold on my shingles. Pretty disappointing. I would not recommend it.