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  • Dave - Awesome case with a caveat

    Alright so if you're reading this review you're curious about how this case holds up. In short: excellent. It's tough and strong and protects your phone completely but there is a minor gripe. The magnetic closure material begins to separate a few weeks after use. But there's a simple fix! Simply hand stitch the magnetic flap on the three edges and it will completely fix the problem. I have no idea why Urban Armor Gear doesn't just have it stitched from the factory since the case has stitching in other places.

  • D.A. Lenard - Does NOT replace healthy eating and exercise!

    Everyone needs to remember that old saying about things that are too good to be true prior to purchase. The easiest thing most people can do is limit (or better yet, avoid) processed/refined foods. Avoid refined wheat and refined corn like the plague. America's biggest problem with being overweight is America itself. The government is "owned" by the powerful and mega-rich corporations and their lobbyist who want you to keep eating their junk.

  • Michael Grinter - Interesting

    I took it for a few weeks, Did notice something not sure if placebo effect. I got off it and after a couple weeks I noticed a HUGE difference in my cognitive ability, specifically my ability to communicate intelligently had dropped significantly. I just reorder the 90 pack.