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VISION 2020 UK - VISION 2020 UK, uniting organisations with an interest in eye health and sight loss within the UK (working on a national, regional or international basis)

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  • Contact us - VISION 2020 UK - Get in touch with our helpful and professional team today. We are always ready to help whatever your needs.
  • About Us - VISION 2020 UK - Bringing together organisations within the UK which focus on vision impairment on a national, regional or international basis. Visit us today.
  • Member Organisations - VISION 2020 UK - Visit us today to view our member organisations. Click an organisation name for further information.
  • Events - VISION 2020 UK - Check out the latest events within the visual impairment calendar. For news on future events make sure to visit us.
  • Our Work - VISION 2020 UK - In order to measure our impact we will develop outcomes based on Seeing it My Way and other appropriate measurable outcomes. Visit us today.

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  • Conrad C Tapia - Perfect size, brush seems to be decent quality and ...

    Perfect size, brush seems to be decent quality and It's simple yet effective. Good purchase especially considering the price.

  • Mary4Music - Barry Gibb---Still Making Magic

    Love the album. Barry is a master at crafting a song and with "In The Now" he doesn't disappoint. The songs are very diverse....There are songs here for every taste, rock, pop, ballads... If you're a fan of Barry's work you will definitely find something on this album you'll like. New fans won't be disappointed either. He does use his falsetto but it's used sparingly and in just the right places. Kudos to Barry's sons Stephen and Ashley who both lent a hand in songwriting, with Stephen also playing Lead Guitar.. Have a listen . . . .There is something here for everyone.

  • Liberty29 - Migrated to Outlook 2010 at work

    Not nearly as comprehensive as I had hoped a "How to" book of 500 pages would be. Having said that I should clarify that it's not really oriented to offices where an assistant manages multiple calendars, for example. I'm ordering another book in the hope that it will provide more detail/cover topics not in this book.

  • Stacy Uncorked - Fun and Educational in a SmartWatch!

    The stuff for kids compared to when I was a kid is envy-worthy! This watch is so much fun, both kids keep battling it out on who gets to ‘play’ with it. And of course I want to spend some time to play with it, too – you know, feel like a kid again. ;)