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ThinkGen - Market Research Solutions for Healthcare Companies - Welcome to ThinkGen. We are a Market Research Firm offering customized market research solutions for Healthcare Companies.

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  • Matt Francois - great cube

    Good cube but not as depicted in the picture. A true v cube, with the v facing up and the black side facing towards you would have blue on TOP and orange on left. The only criticism I will give to this cube is that it locks up quite a bit.

  • James L. - Got what I wanted

    The Ninja came when it was stated that it would arrive and the container was in good condition. Everything works as advertised however the price was some 50.00 more then at Sam's club. Do more research is my new mantra and buyer beware.

  • Paul - good but not great

    They are way too expensive for such weak material, you would think better material and you have to be very careful when getting them out of vehicle so it doesnt spill onto ground, not so easy to get out

  • Rebecca Combs - purple power

    The purple shampoo really does help to take out the brassiness out of my hair. keeps just the hint of strawberry color without it going to gold .

  • few9880 - Moss Killer

    Have used this product before to get rid of moss on lower portion of house foundation. Doesn't look like it works at first, but give it time - needs to be sprayed a few times each year, depending on local conditions. Product works!