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  • Gene Therapy: Best Method For Correcting Faulty Gene That Causes Niemann-Pick - Medical News Service - NIH researchers have demonstrated in mice that gene therapy may be the best method for correcting the faulty gene that causes Niemann-Pick disease, type C1.
  • ZikaPLAN: 25 Research Organizations Unite to Fight Zika Virus - Medical News Service - 25 leading research & public health organizations from Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe gathered in Recife for the launch of ZikaPLAN.
  • Skin Patch to Treat Peanut Allergy For Treating Children and Young Adults - Medical News Service - A wearable patch that delivers small amounts of peanut protein through the skin shows promise for treating children and young adults with peanut allergy.
  • It is Feasible to Develop a Prenatal, Noninvasive Genetic Test Based on Rare Fetal Cells - Medical News Service - Researchers determined that it is feasible to develop a prenatal, noninvasive genetic test based on rare fetal cells that are present in the mother's blood.
  • First Successful Prenatal Heart Surgery to Remove a Life-Threatening Tumor - Medical News Service - For the first time, fetal medicine experts have performed prenatal heart surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor, called intrapericardial teratoma.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Updated Recommendations on Safe Infant Sleep - Medical News Service - Federal agencies concerned with infant health and welfare have announced their support of the AAP updated recommendations on safe infant sleep.
  • Elagolix Reduces Menstrual and Non-Menstrual Pelvic Pain Associated with Endometriosis - Medical News Service - Endometriosis is often characterized by chronic pelvic pain, and can have a significant impact on patient function and quality of life.
  • A Prominent Orthodontist Reports 5 Day Wear Time for His Aligner Patients using AcceleDent - Medical News Service - Dr. Kenji Ojima, one of the world's most prominent orthodontists, reports a five-day wear time for nearly all of his aligner patients using AcceleDent.
  • More American Men with Prostate Cancer Could Choose Monitoring Option - Medical News Service - A new report suggests that a lot more American men could safely choose to monitor their disease instead of seeking immediate radiation treatment or surgery.

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  • Grace Rosenbarker - My friend recommended this too me and it worked great for me, just not for me.

    My name's Grace and I am a teenager who deals with Moderate acne. I have struggled with acne since I was 13 and have tried multiple products and some have worked. I used a prescription that was given to me for two years and then my face began to be burned by the product I was using so I knew I had to get something else for my acne. My friend recommended this too me and said it worked great for her. For me, it did not. I have oily skin, especially in the T-zone of my face and I used this acne system for about three days and all it did was made my face very shiny and oily and it was bad. It seemed like my acne got worse after using it. I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin people but maybe I'm just an oddball. But this product did not work for me but if you don't have oily skin I would give it shot, what do you have to lose.

  • Simone W. - The BEST!!!

    If you want something that really works to losen up that gunk in the sinuses and chest - this is it!

  • L. Oil - Great product!

    The zydot shampoo worked very well for me. I have long dark hair about 20 inches. I used two of the shampoo treatments one after the other along with a clean shirt and towel. All together the treatments took about 3 hours, but I immediately went to get my hair tested after I was done and ended up testing clean.

  • Jamie C Lovell - A useful, honest review of this product after 2 months

    Alright, here it is: the most honest and helpful review. I bought this back in August along with the conditioner. It is now almost the end of October and I see no improvement with my hair loss. Actually, I seem to be losing more hair-but that could be due to the fact that I just started grad school.