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Cuir Esthética entreprise traitant écologiquement le cuir - Cuir Esthética traite, répare, restaure et colore le cuir de vos vêtements, mobiliers et véhicules.

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  • Stella - Best bang for buck!

    This is the best advent calendar ever!! I buy three of them every year for my family, my brothers and sisters families as well. All the kids ages 6-13 love it! They each look forward to their turn to open and build their part.... I highly recommend this for boys and girls of all ages

  • L. Haikal - A Need For Any Decent Spice Cabinet

    I love roasted garlic & sweet bell peppers. You can actually taste the bell pepper, it's awesome. One of my favorite seasonings, I use it in almost any marinade I make. I wish I can find the larger container, as a couple other reviewers stated. Until then, I'll continue to purchase the smaller ones whenever they go on sale at Safeway (for about $1-$2). Next time, I'll make sure to stock up 'cause you know McCormick's spies are going to tell HQ how much we love this blend, & then we'll never see it again (I'm still bitter about French Toast Crunch Cereal). I'm craving it now, so I have to find something simple to eat it with... Aha! Sour cream or cream cheese w/ a sprinkling of this seasoning blend makes a yummy, easy dip for crackers, chips, veggies, or better yet- bell pepper sticks. *Shakes Fist* McCormick: You better not discontinue this... or else I'll have my ninjas all up in your spies.

  • J. Payelle - Very nice case.

    The case fits perfectly on the iPhone 7 Plus. The material feels nice. The case makes the phone a little more bulky and seems to give really good protection so it's worth it. The see through back looks very nice too.

  • Christopher Wilcox - A FANTASTIC experience! Great for beginners!

    I received my board yesterday from my mother's friend. it was a late birthday present, and the packaging was dusty. Given, it was in the friend's deceased mother's basement, but the dust gave it a more real effect! Apparently these boards have been out for quite a while? Anyways, contacted two spirits. First one, Claud, 6 years old, was very strong and nice to talk to. First ever spirit I spoke to. Second spirit was outside of a creek. They couldn't spell correctly but spelled out C-H-R-I-S. My mother had asked them how they died: "D-E-A" Dead? "YES". But it's a very beautiful board and I highly recommend it. Remember, your thoughts are powerful. Nothing can hurt you without your consent. Do not show fear. Do not be afraid. Do not play alone. Always say GOODBYE. Have fun!

  • Proud Parents - Uppa Baby Vista Stroller

    Absolutly the best stroller on the market for the value. We shopped and shopped until deciding on this stroller. First we had looked at the Quinny strollers then the Stokke but the Uppa Baby was an easy decision. The stroller comes with a basinet and seat that are both removable from the stroller. Everything is made of high grade materials and put together very well. The stroller is very easy to fold up and easy to use. There are so many features about this stroller we love. Both the basinet and the seat come with bug nets and rain shields. Plus the basket under the seat will hold plenty of groceries ro bags at the mall. We also felt that the money is well spent on this stroller because it grows with our family. After our first child we plan to buy the optional rumble seat to allow us to have both children in one stroller. Plus there is a stand on board attachment for older children as well. The wheels are solid rubber and not made of cheap plastic. The fron wheels can be locked for slippery conditions and the rear wheels have a suspension. This was a great buy and one of the best things we decided to purchase for our family.

  • goldenrulecomics - Essential, But Not As Easy to Use!

    The Writer's Market continues to remain the essential reference for market listings. It also continues to be a source for information on agents, contests, greeting card makers etc. But the publisher has made the book a lot more difficult to use.