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  • Lazarus - ... using this for a month and it has a good effect. The product looks

    Been using this for a month and it has a good effect. The product looks, smells and feels great, already after a few days of use I could tell it was making a difference.I use retin in the evening, benzd in the morning. I have had acne for over ten years and tried a whole bunch of products, these products make a bigger difference than any other I have tried so far. Acne can have many causes and treatments, there is no universal soloution, but I would reccommend anyone with acne to at least try these products.

  • Amazon Customer - Can't beat that price!

    Yes, I did my research..this was the cheapest I've found for this size. I love this particular brand for my newborn, it's the closes thing to breastmilk with the added nutrients. It is absorbed faster, as well (just like breastmilk) so the drawback is your baby gets hungry easily (in 2-3 hrs.) I highly recommend this product for those supplementing or strictly formula-feeding.