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  • nappyfro - Notice to owners of 4Runners w/ Powered Antennas

    Seems like a quality product and I know that others have been more than satisfied with it, but for now...I'll have to take their word for it. The listing touts that these are "easy to install" and "will fit any 4Runner". However, if your 4Runner happens to have a powered antenna, throw out the words "easy" and "any" as they suggest you will only be out a couple of minutes of your precious time. Apparently, you first need to dumb down your powered antenna with the purchase and installation of a fixed antenna before you can install The Stubby. I know what you're thinking...this doesn't sound like THAT much work and like Drake said when Nicki suggested, after he'd been denied a peek at her ample posterior because she was seated and had to settle for staring at her bosom, that he's obsessed with thick women "I agree", but that's not the point...the listing says "easy" and "any" and it influenced my purchase, so beware.

  • kimsoo520 - Meh...

    Typically I love this brand, I have been using Murad for years. However as I am getting older and experiencing signs of aging, I was looking to them to find a solution for my under eye area for puffiness and dark circles. I was going back and forth on whether I should purchase, but since I had enjoyed their other products for years and read the good reviews, I decided to take the plunge. I started using it religiously every night… no reduction in puffiness or dark circles. The reason I gave 3 stars - I do think it has helped with the suppleness under the eye and the cream absorbed nicely, however I think I can get that from many other products that are a little easier on the pocket book. Needless to say, I will not be repurchasing this product, I'll stick to my cleansers from Murad.

  • Louie - Best device I've used thus far

    Just got this. Still getting accustomed to it. I an see that I must learn to not press to hard using it or I get razor burn. Does the trick, though, if I am a little more careful. Takes a little practice, but that's what I would expect. Best device I've used thus far.

  • Bruce Nelkin - The cure for everything

    Goldenseal is the cure for everything. One of those perfect products to have and take everyday just for the health of it.