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eHIV Review - eHIV Review is developed like a "journal club" and provides up-to-date information directly relevant to practice. In each topic-focused newsletter, experts from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and other institutions summarize and provide an expert perspective on the most relevant peer reviewed articles, keeping you up to date on the latest clinical data.

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  • Kim P. - I would recommend this

    We enjoy this organizer a lot . However it can be a little annoying. When your seat is facing forward it sits right on top of the organizer making it pretty much impossible to use. I always take it off if i put the seat facing forward otherwise i get annoyed with it. Good material with tight velcro.

  • A. Porter - Works for me

    I am 37 weeks pregnant and have been fighting pregnancy acne since week one. Mostly on my cheeks and jawline, it has left pink and purple discoloration where the lesions have dried and healed. I'm not a big fan of foundation because I don't like my face feeling cakey or the look of something painted on the skin like foundation can have. I mostly use tinted moisturizer or more recently, Tarte CC cream just to even my skin tone. I started using this product to cover the red discoloration from the acne and it is doing well. I have fair skin (skin type 2 on the 1-6 scale) and while it looks dark in the container it does blend fairly well, especially when mixed with my lighter CC cream. I apply it to clean skin with my finger like the instructions say and then use my CC cream over it and blend with a foundation brush. It can get dry and cakey around my nasal creases if I apply too much. However, it does stay matte throughout the day which is great because I tend to get oily in the afternoon; I was always applying powder after lunch but don't seem to need that as much using this product. It's not perfect but I do like it.

  • Dave Smithson - Limited controls but works for the purpose

    I bought this as a small clip on MP3 player. It charged and loaded with music correctly. I use it to store a single genre of music-jazz in this case-and then use it when I want that type of music specifically. Seems to work well but with no read out, you are not always sure what you are listening to or where other music is located.

  • i love to shop - This is great stuff, 4 real!

    My hair was over processed badly. It was dyed semi perm 5 times in 2 weeks, dyed black, then bleached, colored twice at the salon, then used color opps then redied it myself, the color came out great too. But i noticed a lot of breaking obviously i had over processed hair, and by the way this was all done in a 1 month period. So my hair just started breaking like crazy 2 weeks ago. I went shopping 4 all kinds of crap, because they dont work. I read reviews on this and watched youtube videos, and today i just used it. OMG my hair is so much better. I parted my hair into 4 then added the stuff on towel dried washed hair. I sat under my dryer for 40 minutes then soaked my head under running sink water until the clips i secured my hair with could come out. After that, i used the balancing moisturizer, this helped a lot. My hair felt so damn great and seriously only about 14 hairs came out, short ones too not long ones or like 50-60 like before. I will use this product for the rest of my life. I love it and i wont waste my money on other crap out there. oh I am mixed and i have curly soft hair, im black and indian, so i dont do perms or relaxers, but the bleach had ruined my hair, no more though. I f u have damaged hair then try this product out, it works wonders. Believe me !! good luck and watch youtube videos on it first!lol

  • Nicholas Provenzo - Only $470.25? I'd pay at least $471.00 for this timeless classic!

    While this text does not include the outlook for synthetic toilet seats in greater China, and while not all of greater China uses toilet seats, (many preferring the the kimchi squat method of evacuation), let us not forget that China is freaking *huge*. Even if the market for wooden toilet seats is only a faction of the overall market for defecation accessories, that's still a lot of toilet seats.

  • A Stevens - It didn't do anything for me. I usually wish ...

    It didn't do anything for me. I usually wish my hair about every 5 days. I didn't notice a difference. Plus, this product had leaked during shipping.

  • Stephen S Hill - They installed easily and look just like the OEMs

    They installed easily and look just like the OEMs. I have 3 complaints but they are common to the OEM model as well. First: The bars end up too close together to safely hold anything long, (Like a canoe). Second: They have no opening or anchor so that anything tied on can be prevented from drifting left or right, (I will be modifying to correct this). Third: They are really shorter than what I need, (A canoe and a kayak).