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~*~ Eight of Spades ~*~ - Yeah I'm pretty much not on this site anymore. Will be on pillowfort when it comes out. I get notifications so send me an ask/message if you want to talk. Sidebar image by sherokutakari. Custom tags...

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  • ~*~ Eight of Spades ~*~ - Ace Week Fic Recs 2016 Here’s all of the fanfiction I’ve come across since I posted my last acefic list that feature an asexual character, that I liked enough to bookmark for future reference. I’ll...
  • ~*~ Eight of Spades ~*~ - Ace Week Fic Rec List To start off my ace week celebrations, here is a rec list of all of the fanfiction I’ve come across and liked that feature an asexual character. I’ll post the link, some info,...
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  • ~*~ Eight of Spades ~*~ - ocm65: “ I have no money left for general living costs. I need to raise $1740 for important payments this week. I have a physical disability that completely confines to me to my bed, which means I...
  • ~*~ Eight of Spades ~*~ - hauntedfalcon: “ knightless: “ peppylilspitfuck: “ Dear @staff, As someone with anxiety, FUCK YOU for adding this audio bullshit to Tumblr. Ads? Cool, whatever. Blasting audio while I’m listening to...

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  • alohafrombigislandhawaii - Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee

    Love the coffee. Easy to prepare, add a little organic cocoa, tiny bit of sugar and some cream. Great flavor, taset......would recommend more to friends but the product is a bit too pricey for what you get.

  • Thomas Holt - Burning your money would be more fun!

    This release of NetObjects Fusion can be summarised by the fact that the "documentation", clearly adapted in a garage in Mumbai from previous versions, proudly welcomes you to "Corel Web Site Creator"! If you think this mind-numbing incompetence is limited to the documentation, take a look at the litany of complaints from dozens of unfortunate purchasers pleading for help on the NetObjects Forum - there is no official help, or any form of customer service, readily available from the company itself. I bought the software a few months ago and, following a fatal disk crash, lost my carefully saved copy of the install file - together with everything else on the disk. I had to pay $22 for the privelege of re-downloading it to a new computer. Not surprisingly, as a user for over 10 years, I am less than impressed. In fact, the more I fight with this release of what used to be a great package, the more I am inclined to find alternative software that actually does what it says it will do. To be honest, the only thing that keeps this sloppy version of NetObjects alive is the dedication of a few old hands who provide support free of charge on the forum. To charge for what is little more than a bug-fix to the previous version, which was in turn hardly an improvement on the last quite good version of the package - version 11 - is simply the road to ruin.

  • Troy King - Horrible product

    I got this since our I.T. guy at work suggested it . I have used it all year and will never buy it again, it changes settings on your computer with out asking and the internet surfing stalls out due to this program. I will be removing it within a week after I get norton 360 . I should have never switched big mistake. Don't buy this it just plainly really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Booker - My hands couldn't stop shaking!!

    Okay so I didnt buy this from amazon I got mine in Louisiana at walgreens. It was my first day taking them and I only took 2 around 1pm. I was drinking water all day and around 4pm I became very very very light headed and dizzy. Nonetheless I had To go to work. I couldn't stop my hands or even my whole body from shaking. I felt like I was about to just drop into a seizure at any moment! It is now 1:54 am and I still have the shakes! Though not as bad and I also have a slight headache. I'm not sure if it's just me but I wouldn't recommend these at all.

  • LilRedVette - Regrettably and with all due respect to CSN.....Disappointing!

    I probably will be repeating what many other reviewers have said but I'll add my thoughts. First of all, Crosby, Stills and Nash (and Young) are....or should I say iconic musical group of the folk rock age. I grew up listening to them having several of their albums, listening to their beautiful melodies and forthright lyrics which are considered classic by anyone's musical standards.

  • kathleen m bielat - NO STARS FOR THIS.

    No stars for this expensive junk! I give this product a "F" for failure to live up to the warranty. Less than a year after applying this deck restore, it is pealing off in sheets. We followed the instructions to the letter. We wanted something that didn't need yearly application. Boy, are disappointed.