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  • Mary Jones - I highly recommend it.

    I found out about this book from a friend who actually has the entire book (700 pages) on a 24 hour long MP3 CD. My truck driver brother listened to the tape in a matter of 3 days. He called me & said that it was awesome--about our Founding Fathers & about all the immoral & unconstitutional things that Obama has done & continues to do as our president. I am reading the book now & agree completely with my brother's evaluation. Every American needs to be aware of these facts. I highly recommend it.

  • C. Kirschner - Le Creuset 5'1/2 Qt

    This is a fabulous kitchen staple to have. The size is perfect for most dishes. I waited years to get it because I thought it too heavy and expensive. I am not strong or young but the handles on the pieces make it fine to handle. I should be giving away things to my kids but love this cookware and finally bought it. Most of the time I cook for my husband and me but often enough for company too. Julia's Chicken with mushrooms and vegetables, the best I have made. Pasta sauce to rave reviews. Beef great. Going back to Julia Child Recipes and Cook's Slow and Easy Recipes. By the way I live near outlets and promptly drove down and bought the 3-1/2 Casserole in Yellow, the Soup Pot was 1/2 off and got that in Kiwi and the 2'1/2 Qt in Flame for 1/2 off the outlet price with a coupon. The colors are delicious and take me away to the south of France or Tuscany. It's a joy to cook with. You can get it on special sometimes from dept stores which is about the outlet price. Cooking is love. Life is short. So I leave less to my kids but they can divvy up the cookware. You won't be sorry. PS I just saw the 7-1/2 qt at Costco for the outlet price.

  • Sam Gamble - NOT XD AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

    I am doing this review based on the Nerf Elite Triad XD model. Let me start by saying that nerf has not modified the original Triad at all, no spring upgrade, no Air Restrictor Change, No plunger tube mod, nothing. Well you get a different color scheme but that's where the differences end. The blaster shoots 65-75 FPS consistently like most other Elite blasters, and shoots on average 35-45 feet flat and 50-70 feet angled. The blaster is slightly larger in the grip area, compared to the Jolt, despite what some reviewers on YouTube might have you believe. Not uncomfortable, just larger. The blaster seems to me to have a lighter draw weight than that of the Jolt, so it will be good for kids of all ages. But again, do not get swindled by the "XD" Range claims, they are fake, the blaster only shoots as far as a normal triad, so if you want a reverse color scheme then cool, if you're looking for more range??? Don't expect to get any from the "XD" Triad anytime soon.