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    THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES YOU TO PAY $700+ EVERY YEAR FOR PAYROLL AND THEIR BUSINESS CARE PLAN. I was a previous customer with Peachtree/SAGE. I had used Peachtree for 20+ years. I did not upgrade to SAGE and I am not able to use many accounting features. Example: I can not process my customers credit cards as of Aug 1, 2014. The version I have from 2012 crashes continuesly while posting. I DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • Shannon - Save your Money

    I purchased this machine to help with some unwanted facial hair. I received it at the very end of September 2011. It is now February 2012. I have been able to use it a grand total of six times. The 'light indicator' says that my skin is too dark and therefore it won't work most of the time. (I'm a white female...and I do mean white. No tan what-so-ever.) I have called, email, etc the company several times and they are d r a g g i n g their feet about helping me with this product. Complete waste of money.

  • JALMR - IT WORKS !!!

    My husband and I have been using the Earthing Bed Sheet for over a year. We began to think it was really not helping and we figured we'd been scammed UNTIL we went on vacation without it !! Our aches and pains, especially in our knees, were obviously back!! We've tested it several times now and are true believers!! Getting up and down out of chairs etc. was painful when we took the sheet off and no problem when we put it back on. Have one on our Motorhome bed and take it with us when traveling by car. Believe or's your choice!

  • Amazon Customer - Couldn't Install

    I purchased and downloaded this for an online class, and it wouldn't install on both my computers (tried one, it failed so I tried installing on 2nd computer, and it failed again). I contacted customer service just now and I hope they'll refund me my money, if not I'll be furious that I wasted $108 on this software that doesn't even work.

  • Patrick - Best nerf for office warfare.

    Previously, my favorite Nerf gun was the Jolt, due to accuracy, compactness, and stealth compared to all my other Nerf toys. My stampede has a telltale ka-thuck when it fires, my barricade has that awful whir when it's armed, and my longstrike has the shortest range of any gun I own (which is sad, considering it's supposed to be a "rifle"). The Triad takes all the greatness of the Jolt, and multiplies it by a factor of three. It's slightly bigger, so it fits my hands better, has the same arming/loading mechanism as the Jolt (which proves to be the fastest shot for endurance firing where you have to relad), has incredible range for it's size, and handles firing out of a loaded chamber automagically. Sadly the only thing that's a disappointment on this gun is that it doesn't fire all three at the same time.